Chagas disease

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Chagas disease
SynonymsAmerican trypanosomiasis
Trypanosoma cruzi crithidia.jpeg
Photomicrograph o Giemsa-stained Trypanosoma cruzi
SpecialtyInfectious disease
SymptomsFever, large lymph nodes, headache[1]
CausesTrypanosoma cruzi spread bi kissin bugs[1]
Diagnostic methodFindin the parasite or antibodies in the bluid[2]
MedicationBenznidazole, nifurtimox[1]
Frequency6.6 million (2015)[3]
Daiths8,000 (2015)[4]

Chagas disease, an aa kent as American trypanosomiasis, is a tropical parasitic disease caused bi the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi.[1] It is spread maistly bi insects kent as Triatominae or kissin bugs.[1] The seemptoms chynge ower the coorse o the infection. In the early stage, seemptoms are teepically either nae present or mild, an mey include fever, swalt lymph nodes, heidaches, or local swellin at the steid o the bite.[1] Efter 8–12 weeks, individuals enter the chronic phase o disease an in 60–70% it niver produces further seemptoms.[5][2] The ither 30 tae 40% o fowk develop further seemptoms 10 tae 30 years efter the ineetial infection,[2] includin enlairgement o the ventricles o the hert in 20 tae 30%, leadin tae hert failyie.[1] An enlairged esophagus or an enlairged colon mey an aa occur in 10% o fowk.[1]

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