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Revised RomanisationJaebeol

A chaebol (/ˈ.bɒl/ TCHAY-bol;[1] /ˈɛ.bəl/ JEH-bəl;[2] frae Korean jaebeol [tɕɛ̝.bʌl] ( listen)) is a Sooth Korean fuirm o business conglomerate. Thay are teepically global multinaitionals an awn numerous internaitional enterprises,[2] controlled by a chairman wi power ower aw the operations.[2][3] The term is aften uised in a context seemilar tae that o the Inglis wird "conglomerate". The term wis first uised in 1984.[2] Thare are several dozen lairge Korean faimily-controlled corporate groups which faw unner this definition.

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