Château de Sceaux

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The biggin in the time o the Duke o Maine.
View o the petit château in the Louis XIII style.

The Château de Sceaux is a grand country house in Sceaux, Hauts-de-Seine, approximately 6 mile frae the center o Paris, Fraunce. Locatit in a park laid out bi André Le Nôtre, visitors can tour the hoose, outbuildings an gairdens. The Petit Château operates as the Musée de l'Île-de-France, a museum o local history. The commune operates the site as Musée du Domaine départemental de Sceaux. It wis originally built for the Potier de Gesvres family in 1597.

It wis inheritit bi Jean Baptiste Colbert, Marquis o Seignelay (son o Jean Baptiste Colbert) in 1683 till it wis sold in 1699 tae Louis Auguste de Bourbon, Duke o Maine, himsel an illegitimsate son o Louis XIV an his long-term mistress Madame de Montespan. The Duke o Maine's wife Louise Bénédicte de Bourbon (hersel a granddochter o Louis, Grand Condé) eld a fashionable salon at the Château an wis a correspondant o fowk like Voltaire. Confiscated in the French Revolution it wis abandoned till it wis demolished. The small biggin it cried the petit Château an wis designed in the Louis XIII style. Since 2010, the Petit château contains the Musée de l'Île-de-France. This museum contains ane o the lairgest collections o the painters o the School o Paris.

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