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Cevide (richt in the pictur), on the left bank o the Minho river

Cevide is a smaw veelage kent for bein the northmaist place in Portugal.[1] It is in the destrict o Viana do Castelo an sub-region o Minho-Lima in the pairish o Cristoval in Melgaço, near the river Minho.

It is bordered bi Crecente in the Spaingie province o Pontevedra an Padrenda in the province o Ourense. The mooth o the river Trancoso (or Barxas) in the river Minho marks the maist northerly point o Portugal.

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Coordinates: 42°09′N 8°12′W / 42.150°N 8.200°W / 42.150; -8.200