Cerebral cortex

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Cerebral cortex
The cerebral cortex is the ooter layer
depictit in dark violet.
Golgi-stained neurons in the cortex.
Pairt oTelencephalon
LaitinCortex cerebri
Anatomical terms o neuroanatomy
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The cerebral cortex is the cerebrum's (brain) ooter layer o neural tissue in humans an ither mammals. It is dividit intae twa cortices, alang the sagittal plane: the left an richt cerebral hemispheres dividit bi the medial longitudinal fissur. The cerebral cortex plays a key role in memory, attention, perception, awareness, thocht, leid, an consciousness. The human cerebral cortex is 2 tae 4 millimetre (0.079 tae 0.157 in) thick.[1]

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