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Central Los Angeles is a 57.87-square-mile region o Los Angeles Coonty, Californie, comprisin twinty-three neebourheids athin the ceety o Los Angeles, as well as Griffith Park, the ceety's lairgest public pairk.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the Mapping L.A. survey o the Los Angeles Times, the Central Los Angeles region consists o:[1]

Central Los Angeles as mappit bi the Los Angeles Times

Population[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the 2000 census, Central Los Angeles haed 836,638 residents in its 57.87 square miles, includin the uninhabitit Griffith an Elysian pairks, which amoontit tae 14,458 fowk per square mile. The densest neebourheid wis Koreatown, an the least dense wis Elysian Park.[1]

The fower densest regions bi population wur in Central Los Angeles: Koreatown wi 42,611 residents per square mile, follaeed bi Westlake, 38,214; East Hollywood, 31,095, an Pico-Union, 25,352.[2]

Aboot 81% o the aurie's population livit in rental units, whilk 19% livit in awner-occupee'd hoosin. Westlake wis the neebourheid wi the heichest rental occupancy, an Hollywood Hills West haed the lawest. The latter destrict haed the auldest population an aw, an Pico-Union haed the youngest. Hollywood Hills West wis the walthiest neebourheid an aw, an Downtown wis the poorest. Hollywood Hills West wis the neebourheid wi the lairgest percentage o residents hauldin a fower-year academic degree, an Pico-Union haed the lawest percentage.[1]

The ethnic breakdoun in 2000 wis Latino, 46.1%; white, 26.4%, Asie, 16.2%; black, 8.2%, an ither, 3.1%. Mid-Wilshire wis the maist ethnically diverse neebourheid an Pico-Union the least.[1]

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