Ceeties wi special status

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Ceety wi special status (Ukrainian: місто зі спеціальним статусом) (umwhile, "ceety o republican subordinance")[1] refers tae twa o Ukraine's 27 admeenistrative regions, which are the ceeties o Kiev an Sevastopol. Thair admeenistrative status is recognisit in the Ukrainian Constitution in Chapter IX: Territorial Structur o Ukraine an are govrened in accordance wi laws passed bi Ukraine's pairlament, the Verkhovna Rada.[2]

Awtho Kiev is the naition's caipital an its awn admeenistrative region, the ceety serves as the admeenistrative centre for Kiev Oblast (province). The oblast entirely surroonds the ceety, makkin it intae an enclave. In addeetion, Kiev serves as the admeenistrative centre for the oblast's Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion (destrict) an aw.

Sevastopol is separate frae the surroondin region (Autonomous Republic o Crimea) an aw, retainin its special status frae Soviet times as closed ceety, servin as a base for the umwhile Soviet Black Sea Fleet. The day, the ceety is hame tae the Ukrainian Navy as well as the Roushie Black Sea Fleet till 2042, govrened bi the Kharkiv Accords signed in 2010.

Leet o ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

ISO Code[3] Name Banner Coat o airms Status Aurie (sq mi) Population
30 Ceety o Kiev  Kiev Caipital o Ukraine; Admeenistrative centre o Kiev Oblast; Admeenistrative centre o Kiev-Sviatoshyn Raion 323.9 2,782,016
40 Ceety o Sevastopol  Sevastopol 416.6 380,301

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