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Cavite Province

Lalawigan ng Kabite

Provincia de Cavite
Cavite Provincial Capitol
Cavite Provincial Capitol
Banner o Cavite Province
Historical Caipital o the Philippines
Map o the Philippines wi Cavite heichlichtit
Map o the Philippines wi Cavite heichlichtit
Coordinates: 14°16′N 120°52′E / 14.267°N 120.867°E / 14.267; 120.867Coordinates: 14°16′N 120°52′E / 14.267°N 120.867°E / 14.267; 120.867
RegionCalabarzon (Region IV-A)
CaipitalImus (de jure) *
Trece Martires (de facto) (seat o govrenment)
 • GovrenorJuanito Victor Remulla (Lakas-CMD)
 • Vice-GovernorRamon Revilla III (Lakas-CMD)
 • Total1574.17 km2 (607.79 sq mi)
 • Laund1426.06 km2 (550.60 sq mi)
Area rank66t oot o 80
Highest elevation
716 m (2,349 ft)
Lowest elevation
0 m (0 ft)
 • Total3,090,691
 • Rank2nt oot o 80
 • Density2,000/km2 (5,100/sq mi)
 • Density rank2nt oot o 80
 • Independent ceeties0
 • Component ceeties6
 • Municipalities17
 • Barangays829
 • Destricts1st tae 7t destricts o Cavite
 • Ethnic groupsTagalog (85%), Ithers (8%), Bisaya (5%), Bicolano (3%)
 • leidsTagalog, Chavacano, Inglis
Time zoneUTC+8 (PHT)
ZIP code
4100 to 4126
Dialin code46
ISO 3166 codePH-CAV
*) Awtho Imus is the offeecially-designatit caipital an seat o govrenment by P.D. 1163, de facto the provincial govrenment functions frae an remains in Trece Martires.

Cavite (Filipino: Lalawigan ng Cavite; Tagalog pronunciation: [ˈkabite]; Chabacano: Provincia de Cavite), is a province in the Philippines locatit on the soothren shores o Manila Bay in the CALABARZON region on Luzon island. It is ane o the maist industrialisit an ane o the fastest growin provinces in the kintra acause o its close proximity tae Metro Manila, locatit juist 14 kilometer (8.7 mi) sooth o the caipital.

The province is kent as the Historical Caipital o the Philippines. It wis the cradle o the Philippine Revolution, a renouncement o the Spaingie colonial control for ower 300 years, culminatin wi the declaration o unthirldom on 12 Juin 1898 in Kawit, Cavite.

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