Catherine de Cossé

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Catherine de Cossé
Duchess o Noailles
Catherine de Cossé, Duchess of Noailles, aged 40 by an unknown artist.jpg
The Duchess o Noailles in 1764 aged 40.
Full name
Catherine Françoise Charlotte de Cossé
Dee'd22 Julie 1794 (aged 70)
Spoose(s)Louis de Noailles, Duke o Noailles
Jean, Duke o Noailles
Adrienne Catherine, Marquise o Lavardin
Emmanuel Marie, Marquis o Noailles
Philippine Louise, Duchess o Lesparre
FaitherCharles Timoléon Louis de Cossé, Duke o Brissac
MitherLouise Béchameil

Catherine de Cossé (Catherine Françoise Charlotte; 13 Januar 1724 - 22 Julie 1794) She wis the Duchess o Noailles bi mairiage an a member o the Hoose o Noailles as a result. She wis executit during the Ring o Terror o the French Revolution. Her husband wis a cuisin o Marie Adrienne de Noailles. She wis a dochter o Charles Timoléon Louis de Cossé, (6t) Duke o Brissac.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 25 Februar 1737 she mairit Louis de Noailles, Duke o Noailles, They haed issue.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Jean de Noailles, Duke o Noailles (26 October 1739 – 20 October 1824)
  2. Adrienne Catherine de Noailles (24 December 1741 – December 1813) mairit René de Froulay, Coont o Tessé, last Marquis o Lavardin (1736–1814)
  3. Emmanuel Marie de Noailles, Marquis o Noailles 12 December 1743 - September 1822) French diplomat never mairit.
  4. Philippine Louise de Noailles (1745-1791) mairit Louis Antoine Armand de Gramont, Duke o Lesparre.