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2012 photograph o the pailace.

The Catherine Pailace (Roushie: Екатерининский дворец, Yekaterininskiy dvorets) is a Rococo palace located in the toun o Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), 30 km sooth o Saunt Petersburg, Roushie. It wis the summer residence o the Roushien tsars. It is within the Catherine Park an the Alexander Pailace is nearby.

Background[eedit | eedit soorce]

The residence originatit in 1717, when Catherine I o Roushie hired German architect Johann-Friedrich Braunstein to construct a summer pailace for her pleasure. In 1743, Empress Elizabeth commissioned Mikhail Zemtsov an Andrei Kvasov tae expand the Catherine Pailace. Empress Elizabeth, however, found her mither's residence outdated and incommodious an in Mey 1752 asked her coort architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli tae demolish the auld structure an replace it with a much grander edifice in a flamboyant Rococo style. Construction lasted for four years, an on 30 Julie 1756 the architect presented the 325-meter-long pailace tae the Empress, her coortiers, an foreign ambassadors.

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