Casino Royale (2006 film)

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Casino Royale
Casino Royale 2 - UK cinema poster.jpg
Breetish theatrical release poster, designed bi Empire Design
Directit biMartin Campbell
Produced bi
Screenplay bi
Based onCasino Royale
bi Ian Fleming
Muisic biDavid Arnold
CinematographyPhil Meheux
Eeditit biStuart Baird
Distributit biMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • 14 November 2006 (2006-11-14) (Lunnon, premiere)
Rinnin time
144 minutes
KintraUnitit Kinrick
Unitit States
Czech Republic
Budget$150 million
Box office$599 million[2]

Casino Royale (2006) is the twenty-first film in the Eon Productions James Bond film series an the first tae starn Daniel Craig as the feectional MI6 agent James Bond.

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