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The Ryal Pailace o Caserta (Reggia di Caserta) it is also called the Palazzo Reale di Caserta is a palaice outside Caserta near Naples (the old Kinrick o Naples) in Italy. The palace has 5 floors, 1,200 rooms, including twa dozen state apartments, a large library, an a theatre modelled after the Teatro San Carlo o Naples. A monumental avenue that would run 20 kilometers between the pailace and Naples wis planned but niver realised. It is one o the largest pailaces erected in Europe during the 18th century. In 1997, the pailace was designated a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid. It would later be the center for the ryal coort o the Bourbons o the Twa Sicilies (after 1816).

Brief background[eedit | eedit soorce]

The construction of the palace was begun in 1752 for Keeng Charles VII o Naples, who worked with his architect, Luigi Vanvitelli. Construction started but Charles would never sleep a night at the Reggia, as he abdicated in 1759 tae become Keeng o Spain, and the project was carried to only partial completion for his third son an successor, Ferdinand IV o Naples.

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