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This airticle is aboot the modren-day Mexican municipality. For the Casas Grandes municipal seat, see Casas Grandes, Chihuahua. For the eponymous pre-Columbie airchaeological zone an steid locatit athin the municipality, alternatively known as Paquimé, see Casas Grandes. For the similarly namit adjoinin municipality, see Nuevo Casas Grandes.
Casas Grandes
Municipio libre (municipality)
Municipio de Casas Grandes
Coat o airms o Casas Grandes
Coat o airms
Location athin the state o Chihuahua
Location athin the state o Chihuahua
Casas Grandes is locatit in Mexico
Casas Grandes
Casas Grandes
location o cabecera municipal athin Mexico
Coordinates (municipal seat): 30°22′31″N 107°56′54″W / 30.37528°N 107.94833°W / 30.37528; -107.94833
Kintra Mexico
State Chihuahua
Settlement foondit 1661
Municipality creatit 1820
Foondit bi Caiptain Andrés Gracia
Cabecera municipal (Municipal seat) Casas Grandes
localidades (localities)
Govrenmentelection held 1 Julie 2007
 • Teep H. Ayuntamiento Municipal
(municipal govrenment)
 • Presidente Municipal Dagoberto Quintana Cano (PAN)
 • Municipio libre (municipality) 3,719 km2 (1,436 sq mi)
 • Urban 3.82 km2 (1.47 sq mi)
Elevation[1] 1,480 m (4,860 ft)
Population (2005)[2]
 • Municipio libre (municipality) 8,413
 • Density 2.3/km2 (5.9/sq mi)
  data frae II Conteo de Población y Vivienda
Time zone Tiempo de la Montaña
(Mountain Time) (UTC-7)
códigos postales (postal codes) 31850 through to 31863
Aurie code(s) 636
INEGI state code 08
INEGI municipality code 013

Casas Grandes Municipality is locatit in the northren Mexican state o Chihuahua. The municipal seat is the toun o Casas Grandes.

The pre-Columbie airchaeological zone Casas Grandes an its central steid, efter which the municipality is namit, is locatit athin the municipality's territory. The steid o Casas Grandes, alternatively kent as Paquimé, is ane o the maist significant pre-Columbie cultural an airchaeological steids in the region o northwastren Mexico an the soothwastren Unitit States kent in some archaeological contexts as the Oasisamerica cultur aurie.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

The municipality o Casas Grandes is situatit in the northwastren sector o Chihuahua state, the lairgest state o Mexico bi aurie. (Pueblo de) Casas Grandes, the municipal caipital an its maist populous localidad (locality or dounset), is approximately 359 kilometres (223 mi) tae the northwast o the state's caipital, the ceety o Chihuahua. Casas Grandes is bundit bi the municipalities o Janos tae the north, Galeana, Nuevo Casas Grandes an Madera, Chihuahua tae the east, an Ignacio Zaragoza tae the sooth. On its wastren flank Casas Grandes adjoins municipalities athin the state o Sonora.[3]

Touns an veelages[eedit | eedit soorce]

Village Population
Tot Municipality 8,413
Casas Grandes 3,835
Colonia Juárez 1,046
Mata Ortiz 955
Sección Enríquez 522

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Elevation given is that of the municipal seat and largest settlement, Pueblo de Casas Grandes. Source: INAFED (2005)
  2. INEGI (2006)
  3. INAFED (2005)

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