Cartoon Network

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Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network 2010 logo.svg
Launched October 1, 1992; 26 years ago (1992-10-01)
Ained bi Turner Broadcasting System
(Time Warner)
Pictur format
Slogan New New New New
Kintra Unitit States
Leid Inglis (Spaingie wi SAP)
Broadcast aurie Naitional
Seester channel(s)
(channel space shared wi Adult Swim)
DirecTV USA 296 (East; HD/SD)
297 (Wast; SD anerly)
Dish Network 176 (East; HD/SD)
177 (Wast; SD anerly)
C band
  • Channel 68 (SD)
  • Channel 768 (HD)
Available on mony cable providers Check local leetins for channel nummer
AT&T U-verse
  • 1325 (East)
  • 1326 (West)
  • 325 (East; SD)
  • 326 (West; SD)
CenturyLink Prism
  • 1326 (East)
  • 1327 (Wast)
  • 325 (East; SD)
  • 326 (Wast; SD)
  • 3054 (Spaingie feed; SD)
Verizon FiOS
  • 757
  • 257 (SD)
Google Fiber 351
Streaming media
Sling TV
DirecTV Now Internet Protocol televeesion
PlayStation Vue Internet Protocol televeesion
Hulu Live TV Internet Protocol televeesion

Cartoon Network is an American basic cable an satellite televeesion channel that is awned bi Turner Broadcasting System which is a diveesion an subsidiar o Time Warner. It wis foondit bi Betty Cohen an launched on October 1, 1992.