Carlo Emmanuele dal Pozzo, 5t Prince o La Cisterna

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Carlo Emanuele dal Pozzo
(5t) Prince o La Cisterna
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Full name
Carlo Emanuele Filippo Giuseppe Alfonso Francesco Maria dal Pozzo
Born7 Januar 1787(1787-01-07)
Palazzo Cisterna, Turin, Savoy
Dee'd26 Mairch 1864(1864-03-26) (aged 77)
Palazzo Cisterna, Turin, Savoy
Spoose(s)Louise de Merode
FaitherGiuseppe Alfonso dal Pozzo, 4t Prince o La Cisterna
MitherMaria Anna Balbo Bertone

Carlo Emmanuele dal Pozzo, 5t Prince o La Cisterna (Carlo Emanuele Filippo Giuseppe Alfonso Francesco Maria; 7 Januar 1787 – 26 Mairch 1864) wis an Italian nobleman an the 5t Prince o La Cisterna. He wis the faither o ueen Maria Vittoria o Spain. He died at the Palazzo Cisterna in Turin.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Brussels on 28 September 1846, he mairit Coontess Louise de Merode, dochter o Coont Werner de Merode bi his wife, Coontess Victoire de Spangen d'Uyternesse. They haed twa dochters.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Donna Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo (1847–1876), mmairit Prince Amedeo o Savoy, Duke o Aosta (seicont son o Keeng Victor Emmanuel II o Italy), kent as Keeng o Spain frae 1870 tae 1873 under the name o Amadeo I. Efter the daith o Carlo Emanuele, Maria Vittoria inherited her faither's teetles, which passed through her tae the Aosta branch o the Hoose o Savoy.
  2. Donna Beatrice Giuseppa Antonia Luisa dal Pozzo (1851–1864).

Other teetles[eedit | eedit soorce]

His other teetles were

  • 5t Prince o Belriguardo,
  • 6t Marchese (Marquis) o Voghera,
  • 6t Coont o Reano,
  • 8t Coont o Ponderano,
  • 8t Coote o Bonvicino,
  • 6t Coote o Neive,
  • 6t Coont o Perno,
  • among others.

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