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Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz
Carl von Clausewitz.PNG
Portrait while in Proushie service, bi Karl Wilhelm Wach
Born 1 Juin 1780(1780-06-01)
Burg bei Magdeburg, Proushie (nou Germany)
Dee'd 16 November 1831(1831-11-16) (aged 51)
Breslau, Proushie (nou Wrocław, Poland)
Allegiance  Proushie
 Roushie Empire (1812–1813)
Service/branch Proushie Cavalry Officer Airmy
Years o service 1792–1831
Rank Major-General
Unit Roushie-German Legion (III Corps)
Commands held Kriegsakademie

French Revolutionary Wars

Napoleonic Wars

Carl Philipp Gottfried (or Gottlieb) von Clausewitz[1] (1 Juin 1780 – 16 November 1831)[2] wis a Proushie general an militar theorist that stressed the "moral" (meanin, in modren terms, psychological) an poleetical aspects o war.

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  1. In German personal names, von is a preposeetion that approximately means o or frae an uisually denotes some sort o nobility. While von (ayeweys lawer case) is pairt o the faimily name or territorial designation, nae a first or middle name, gin the noble is referred tae bi surname alane in Scots, use Schiller or Clausewitz or Goethe, nae von Schiller, etc.
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