Carina Nebula

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Carina Nebula
Emission nebula
Carina Nebula.jpg
Detail of NGC 3372 taken bi the VLT telescope
Credit: ESO
Observation data: J2000.0 epoch
Richt ascension10h 45m 08.5s[1]
Declination−59° 52′ 04″[1]
Distance~6500-10000[1] ly
Apparent magnitude (V)+1.0
Physical characteristics
Radius~460 [2] ly   (~140 pc)
Notable featursIncludes dark nebula
Keyhole Nebula
DesignationsNGC 3372,[3] ESO 128-EN013,[1] GC 2197,[1] Caldwell 92[4]
See also: Leets o nebulae

Coordinates: Sky map 10h 45m 08.5s, −59° 52′ 04″ The Carina Nebula (an aa kent as the Great Nebula in Carina, the Eta Carinae Nebula, NGC 3372, as well as the Grand Nebula) is a lairge bricht nebula that haes within its boondaries several relatit open clusters o starns, aw pairt o the lairge OB association Carina OB1.

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