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Carillion plc
Public leemitit company
Treddit asLSECLLN
(Treddin pre-suspendit indefinitely afore the mercats reappened for trading on 15 Januar 2018 an syne; awaitin formal deleetin bi the Lunnon Stock Excheenge)
IndustrieFacilities management, Construction, Civil engineering
FateCompulsory liquidation[1]
(demerger frae Tarmac)
1903 (first foondit (claimed))
HeidquartersWolverhampton, Wast Midlands, Unitit Kinrick
Key fowk
Philip Nevill Green CBE
(umwhile chairman)
Keith Cochrane (umwhile CEO)
Revenue£5,214.2 million (2016)[2]
£235.9 million (2016)[2]
£129.5 million (2016)[2]
Nummer o employees
circa 48,500; wi 20,000 in the UK (2017)[3][4]

Carillion plc is a Breetish multinaitional facilities management an construction services company heidquartert in Wolverhampton in the Unitit Kinrick. It is the seicont-biggest construction company in the UK.[5] Leetit on the Lunnon Stock Exchange, the company experienced financial difficulties in 2017, an went intae compulsory liquidation on 15 Januar 2018.

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