Cardinal de Rochechouart

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Cardinal de Rochechouart
Bishop o Laon, Cardinal priest o Sant'Eusebio; Peer o Fraunce
The Cardinal de Rochechouart (Jean François Joseph de Rochechouart) wearing the Sash of the Order of the Holy Spirit in 1762 by Pompeo Batoni.jpg
Cardinal Rochechouart bi Pompeo Batoni, 1762.
See Diocese o Laon
Installed September 18 1741—Mairch 20 1777
Ither posts Previously Vicar general o the Archdiocese o Rouen
Creatit Cardinal November 23, 1761
Personal details
Birth name Jean François Joseph de Rochechouart
Born 27 Januar 1708(1708-01-27)
Toulouse, Fraunce
Died 20 Mairch 1777(1777-03-20) (aged 69)
Paris, Fraunce
Parents Charles de Rochechouart, Laird o Faudoas
Françoise de Montesquiou

Jean François Joseph de Rochechouart (Januar 27 - 1708 – Mairch 20 1777) was a French Roman Catholic Cardinal. He wis the French ambassador tae the Haly See frae 1758 tae 1762. He wis created a cardinal bi Pape Clement XIII (2761) In 1777 he wis created the Bishop-Duke o Laon an wis also a Peer o Fraunce. He wis cried the Cardinal de Rochechouart.

Faimily[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wis the son o Charles de Rochechouart, Lord o Faudoas an his wife Françoise de Montesquiou. He wis a brither o Jean Louis Roger de Rochechouart, Marquis o Rochechouart.

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