Cardinal de Fleury

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His Eminence
André Hercule de Fleury
Bishop emeritus o Fréjus
Cardinal de Fleury by Rigaud.jpg
Cardinal de Fleury, portrait bi Rigaud, (Versailles)
Airchdiocese Aix
Diocese Fréjus
See Fréjus
Installed 18 May 1698
Term endit 3 May 1715
Predecessor Louis d'Aquin
Successor Pierre de Castellane
Ither posts Cardinal-priest, no title assigned
First minister for Louis XV o Fraunce
Ordination 1679
Consecration 22 November 1698
bi Louis Antoine de Noailles
Creatit Cardinal 11 September 1726
bi Pape Benedict XIII
Rank Cardinal-priest
Personal details
Birth name André Hercule de Fleury
Born 22 Juin 1653(1653-06-22)
Lodève, Languedoc-Roussillon, Fraunce
Died 29 Januar 1743(1743-01-29) (aged 89)
Issy-les-Moulineaux, Île-de-France, Fraunce
Naitionality French
Denomination Roman Catholic
Occupation nobleman, cardinal, bishop
Previous post Bishop o Fréjus (1698–1715)

André Hercule de Fleury (22 June or 26 June 1653 – 29 January 1743) kent as the Cardinal de Fleury or the Cardinal Fleury wis a french nobleman an bishop an later a mister o Louis XV o Fraunce. He had enriched the royal library by many valuable oriental manuscripts, and wis a member o the Académie française frae 1717, o the Academy o Science, an the Academy o Inscriptions. He haed a rivalry with Louis Henri de Bourbon, "Duke o Bourbon" an his mistress Madame de Prie wis well known.