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Keeng o the Britons
Keeng o the Catuvellauni
"Caractacus afore the Emperor Claudius at Roum", 18t-century prent bi an unkent airtist (Breetish Museum).
Keeng o the Catuvellauni
Ring 1st century, to c.50 AD
Predecessor Epaticcus
Successor None (Catuvellauni territory conquered bi Claudius)
Keeng o the Britons
Ring 43-50
Predecessor Cunobelinus
Successor Cogidubnus
Born c. 10 AD ?
Probably in
Catuvellauni territory
Dee'd Efter c. 50 AD
Brythonic *Caratācos
Greek Καράτακος / Καρτάκης
Faither Cunobelinus
Mither Unkent

Caratacus (Brythonic *Caratācos, Middle Welsh Caratawc; Welsh Caradog; Greek Καράτακος; variants Laitin Caractacus, Greek Καρτάκης) wis a first-century Breetish chieftain o the Catuvellauni tribe, wha led the Breetish reseestance tae the Roman conquest.