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Depairtment o Caquetá
Departamento del Caquetá
Banner o Depairtment o Caquetá
Coat o airms o Depairtment o Caquetá
Coat o airms
Motto(s): Aw, For a Better Caqueta
(Spainyie: Todos por un Caquetá mejor)
Caquetá shown in red
Caquetá shown in red
Coordinates: 1°37′N 75°36′W / 1.617°N 75.600°W / 1.617; -75.600
Kintra  Colombie
Region Amazonas Region
Established 1982
Caipital Florencia
 • Governor Germán Medina Triviño
 • Total 88,965 km2 (34,350 sq mi)
Aurie rank 3
Population (2005)[1]
 • Tot 404,896
 • Rank 24
 • Density 4.6/km2 (12/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-05
ISO 3166 code CO-CAQ
Municipalities 15

Caquetá (Spaingie pronunciation: [kakeˈta]) is a depairtment o Colombie. Locatit in the Amazonas region, Caquetá borders wi the depairtments o Cauca an Huila tae the wast, the depairtment o Meta tae the north, the depairtment o Guaviare tae the northeast, the depairtment o Vaupés tae the east, the depairtments o Amazonas an Putumayo tae the sooth coverin a total aurie o 88,965 km², the third lairgest in the kintra. Its caipital is the ceety o Florencia.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Albania
  2. Belén de Andaquies
  3. Cartagena del Chairá
  4. Curillo
  5. El Doncello
  6. El Paujil
  7. Florencia
  8. La Montañita
  9. Milán
  10. Morelia
  11. Puerto Rico
  12. San José de la Fragua
  13. San Vicente del Caguán
  14. Solano
  15. Solita
  16. Valparaíso

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