Capitoline Hill

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The Capitoline Hill
Ane o the seven hills o Roum
Laitin name Capitolinus mons
Italian name il Campidoglio or munt cap
Rione Campitelli
Biggins Capitoline Museums an Piazza del Campidoglio, Palazzo Senatorio, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Palazzo Nuovo, Tabularium
Kirks Santa Maria in Aracoeli
Auncient Roman releegion Temple o Jupiter, Temple o Veiovis, Ludi Capitolini
Roman sculpturs Colossus o Constantine

The Capitoline Hill (/ˈkæptəln/[1] or /kəˈpɪtln/;[2] Lautin: Collis Capitōlīnus), atween the Forum an the Campus Martius, is ane o the seiven hills o Roum. It wis the citadel (equivalent o the auncient Greek acropolis) o the earliest Romans. Bi the 16t century, Capitolinus haed acome Capitolino in Italian, wi the alternative Campidoglio stemmin frae Capitolium, ane o the three major spurs o the Capitolinus (the ithers bein Arx an Tarpeius). The Inglis wird capitol derives frae Capitoline. The Capitoline contains few auncient grund-level ruins, as thay are almaist entirely covered up bi Medieval an Renaissance pailaces (nou hoosin the Capitoline Museums) that surroond a piazza, a signeeficant urban plan designed bi Michelangelo.

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