Cape Canaveral

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Cape Canaveral
Cape canaveral.jpg
Cape Canaveral frae space. August 7, 1991
Map showing the location of Cape Canaveral
Map showing the location of Cape Canaveral
Florida cairt shawin the location o Cape Canaveral
Location Florida, Unitit States
Coordinates 28°27′20″N 80°31′40″W / 28.45556°N 80.52778°W / 28.45556; -80.52778Coordinates: 28°27′20″N 80°31′40″W / 28.45556°N 80.52778°W / 28.45556; -80.52778
Offshore watter bodies Atlantic Ocean, Gulf o Mexico
Elevation 10 ft (3.0 m)[1]

Cape Canaveral, frae the Spainyie Cabo Cañaveral, is a cape in Brevard Coonty, Florida, Unitit States, near the centre o the state's Atlantic coast. Kent as Cape Kennedy frae 1963 tae 1973, it lies east o Merritt Island, separatit frae it bi the Banana River.

It is pairt o a region kent as the Space Coast, an is the steid o the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Syne mony U.S. spacecraft are launched frae baith the station an the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, the terms "Cape Canaveral," "Canaveral", or "the Cape" hae acome metonyms that refer tae baith as the launch steid o spacecraft. In homage tae its spacefarin heritage, the Florida Public Service Commission allocatit aurie code 321 tae the Cape Canaveral aurie.[2]

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