Canton o Zürich

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Kanton Zürich
Canton o Swisserland
Coat o airms o Kanton Zürich
Coat o airms
Cairt o Swisserland, location o Zürich highlighted
Location in Swisserland
Coordinates: 47°22′N 8°33′E / 47.367°N 8.550°E / 47.367; 8.550Coordinates: 47°22′N 8°33′E / 47.367°N 8.550°E / 47.367; 8.550
Caipital Zurich
Subdivisions 169 municipalities, 12 districts
 • Executive Regierungsrat (7)
 • Legislative Cantonal Cooncil (180)
 • Tot 1,729 km2 (668 sq mi)
Population (12/2010)[2]
 • Tot 1,371,007
 • Density 790/km2 (2,100/sq mi)
ISO 3166 code CH-ZH
Heichest point 1,292 m (4,239 ft): Schnebelhorn
Lawest point 332 m (1,089 ft): Rhine at the border in Weiach
Joined 1351
Languages German

The canton o Zürich (German: Kanton Aboot this soond Zürich ) haes a population (as o 31 December 2010) o 1,371,007.[2] The canton is locatit in the northeast o Swisserland an the ceety o Zürich is the caipital o the canton. The offeecial leid is German. The local Swiss German dialect cried Züritüütsch is commonly spoken.

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