Canterbury Cathedral

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Canterbury Cathedral
Cathedral an Metropolitical Kirik o Christ at Canterbury
Cathedral frae the ceety entrance
Coordinates: 51°16′47″N 1°04′59″E / 51.279722°N 1.083056°E / 51.279722; 1.083056
Location Canterbury, Kent
Kintra Ingland
Denomination Kirk o Ingland
Previous denomination Roman Catholicism
Consecratit 1070
Style Romanesque, Gothic
Years biggit 1070–1834 (last major alteration)
Lenth 525 feet (160 m)
Nave lenth 178 feet (54 m)
Choir lenth 180 feet (55 m)
Width 154 feet (47 m)
Nave width 71 feet (22 m)
Nave hicht 80 feet (24 m)
Choir hicht 71 feet (22 m)
Nummer o touers 5
Touer hicht 236 feet (72 m) (crossing)[1]
Nummer o spires 1 (now lost)
Spire hicht 190 feet (58 m) (north west tower — demolished 1705)
Diocese Canterbury (since 1072)
Province Canterbury
Airchbishop Justin Welby, Airchbeeshop o Canterbury
Bishop(s) Trevor Willmott, Beeshop suffragan o Dover
Dean Robert Willis
Precentor Max Kramer (minor canon)
Canon Chancellor vacant
Canon Pastor Clare Edwards
Canon Treasurer Nick Papadopulos
Archdeacon Jo Kelly-Moore (Vice-Dean)
Organist/Director o muisic David Flood

Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, Kent, is ane o the auldest an maist famous Christian structurs in Ingland.

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