Canes Venatici

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Canes Venatici
Canes Venatici
Abbreviation CVn
Genitive Canum Venaticorum
Pronunciation /ˈknz vˈnæts/ Cánes Venátici, genitive /ˈknəm vnætˈkɒrəm/
Seembolism the Huntin Dugs
Richt ascension 12h 06.2m to 14h 07.3m h
Declination +27.84° tae +52.36°[1]°
Quadrant NQ3
Aurie 465 sq. deg. (38t)
Main starns 2
Starns wi planets 4
Starns brichter than 3.00m 1
Starns within 10.00 pc (32.62 ly) 2
Brichtest starn Cor Caroli (α CVn) (2.90m)
Nearest starn DG CVn
(25.89 ly, 7.94 pc)
Messier objects 5
Meteor showers Canes Venaticids
Ursa Major
Coma Berenices
Veesible at latitudes atween +90° an −40°.
Best veesible at 21:00 (9 p.m.) durin the month o Mey.

Canes Venatici /ˈknz vˈnæts/ is ane o the 88 offeecial modren constellations. It is a smaa northren constellation that wis creatit bi Johannes Hevelius in the 17t century. Its name is Laitin for "huntin dugs", an the constellation is eften depictit in illustrations as representin the dugs o Boötes the Herdsman, a neighborin constellation.

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Coordinates: Sky map 13h 00m 00s, +40° 00′ 00″