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Giovanni Antonio Canal.jpg
Born Giovanni Antonio Canal
18 October 1697(1697-10-18)
Venice, Republic o Venice
Died 19 Apryle 1768(1768-04-19) (aged 70)
Venice, Republic o Venice (nou Italy)
Naitionality Venetian
Eddication Luca Carlevaris
Kent for Laundscape airt, etchin
Patron(s) Owen Swiny
Joseph Smith

Giovanni Antonio Canal (18 October 1697 – 19 Aprile 1768),[1] better kent as Canaletto (Italian: [kanaˈletto]), wis an Italian penter o ceety views or vedute, o Venice. He an aa pentit imaginary views (referred tae as capricci), awtho the demarcation in his warks atween the real an the eemaginary is niver quite clearcut.[2] He wis further an important prentmakker uisin the etchin technique. In the period frae 1746 tae 1756 he wirked in Ingland whaur he creatit mony sichts o Lunnon.[3] He wis heichly successfu in Ingland, thanks tae the Breetish merchant an connoisseur Joseph Smith, whase lairge collection o Canaletto's warks wis sauld tae Keeng George III in 1762.[2]

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