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Tot population
(Canadae 36,580,000 (Est.[Note 1]))
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Unitit States 1,003,850[1]
Hong Kong 200,000[1]
Unitit Kinrick 72,518[1]
Taiwan 52,500[1]
Lebanon 45,000[1]
Fowkrepublic o Cheenae 20,000[1]
Australie 27,289[1]
Italy 23,487[1]
Fraunce 18,913[1]
Greece 12,477[1]
Egyp 10,000[1]
Sooth Korea 8,763[1]
Mexico 7,943[2]
New Zealand 7,770[1]
Swisserland 7,519[1]
Philippines 7,500[1]
Portugal 7,326[1]
Japan 7,067[1]
Netherlands 8,427[1]
Belgium 4,145[1]
Norawa 2,290[1]
Ireland 4,081[1]
Spain 3,810[1]
Denmark 2,752[1]
Swaden 2,742[3]
Offeecial leids are Inglis (Canadian Inglis) an French (Canadian French). Numerous indigenous Canadian leids are recognisit an aw.
Multiple denominations

Canadians (singular Canadian; French: Canadiens) are the fowk who are identifee'd wi the kintra o Canadae, residential, legal, historical, cultural or ethnic. For maist Canadians, several (frequently aw) o those types o connections exist an are the soorce(s) o them bein considered Canadians.

Aboriginal fowks, accordin tae the 2006 Canadian Census, numbered at 1,172,790, 3.8% o the kintra's tot population[4]. The majority o the population is made up o Auld Warld immigrants an thair descendants. Efter the initial period o French an then the hintle lairger Breetish colonization, different waves (or peaks) o immigration an dounset o nan-aboriginal fowks teuk place ower the course o nearly twa centuries an continues the day. Elements o Aboriginal, French, Breetish an mair recent immigrant customs, leids an releegions hae combined tae form the cultur o Canadae an thus a Canadian identity. Canadae haes been strangly influencit bi that o its linguistic, geografic an economic neighbour, the Unitit States an aw.

Notable Canadians[eedit | eedit soorce]

Prime Meenisters

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The population count appearing may differ from the official estimates and projections released by Statistics Canada. Data displayed is as a rough estimate of the current Canadian population. Source: "Canada's population clock". Statistics Canada. 

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