Canadian Airmed Forces

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Canadian Airmed Forces
Forces armées canadiennes
Canadian Forces emblem.svg
Badge of the Canadian Airmed Forces
Current furm1 February 1968 – present
Service branchesRoyal Canadian Navy
Canadian Airmy
Royal Canadian Air Force
HeidquartersNaitional Defence Heidquarters, Ottawa, Ontario
Commander-in-ChiefQueen Elizabeth II
represented by
Govrenor General Julie Payette
Meenister of Naitional DefenceMeenister Harjit Sajjan
Chief of the Defence Staff[2]General Jonathan Vance[1]
Militar age16–60 years auld[N 1]
Available for
militar service
8,031,266 males, age 17–49[5],
7,755,550[N 2] females, age 17–49[5]
Fit for
militar service
6,633,472 males, age 17–49[5],
6,389,669[N 2] females, age 17–49[5]
Active personnel68,250 (31 Mairch 2011)[3]
Reserve personnel27,000 (Paid Primary)
5,000 (Rangers)
Deployed personnel2000+ [4]
BudgetC$18.6 billion,[6] (2016–2017)
Percent o GDP0.97%
1.19% (Disputed)[7]
Domestic suppliersL-3 Communications MAS
Bombardier Aerospace
Meggitt Training Systems Canada
Colt Canada
Textron Systems Canada
Kongsberg Protech Systems Canada
Rheinmetall Defence Canada
Irving Shipbuilding Inc.
General Dynamics Land Systems Canada
Raytheon Canada Limited
Seaspan Marine Corporation
Thales Canada[8]
Boeing Canada[9]
Relatit airticles
HistoryFenian Raids
Wolseley Expedition
North-West Rebellion
Second Boer War
First World War
Russian Civil War
Second World War
Cold War
Korean War
October Crisis
Gulf War
Bosnian War
Oka Crisis
Kosovo War
Afghanistan War
Iraq War
Somali Civil War
2011 Libyan Civil War
Operation Serval
2014 military intervention against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
RanksCanadian Airmed Forces ranks and insignia

The Canadian Airmed Forces (CAF; French: Forces armées canadiennes, FAC), or Canadian Forces (CF) (French: Forces canadiennes, FC),[10] are the unifiit airmed forces of Canadae as consituted bi Naitional Defence Act, which states: "The Canadian Airmed Forces are the airmed forces o Her Majesty raised bi Canadae an consist o ane Service cried the Canadian Airmed Forces."[10]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Persons 16 years of age, with parental permission, can join the Canadian Airmed Forces.
  2. 2.0 2.1 (2010 est.)

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