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Tulloch Caledonian Stadium
Inverness stadium a2.jpg
Tulloch Caledonian Stadium is locatit in Innerness aurie
Tulloch Caledonian Stadium
Tulloch Caledonian Stadium
Location in the Inverness aurie
Umwhile names Caledonian Stadium
Location Innerness, Scotland
Coordinates 57°29′41″N 4°13′03″W / 57.49472°N 4.21750°W / 57.49472; -4.21750
Awner Hieland Cooncil[1]
Capacity 7,750[2]
Surface Grass
Appent 9 November 1996
Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC 1996–present

The Caledonian Stadium, currently kent as the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is an association fitbaw stadium situatit in the Longman aurie o Innerness, Scotland.

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