Cairde na hÉireann

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Cairde na hÉireann
Cairde na hÉireann's logo conseestin o an Erse Republican seembol.
Motto Don't wish for a United Ireland, work for it!
Formation 2004
Teep Erse Republicanism, Erse Free State,
Unitit Ireland
Purpose A 32 Coonty Socialist an a Republican Unitit Ireland.
Affiliations Sinn Féin, Scots Republican Socialist Muivement

Cairde na hÉireann (Erse: Friends o Ireland) is a republican organisation in Scotland best kent for the annual James Connolly mairch throu the streets o Edinburgh an for the Bluidy Sunday mairch ilk Januar in Glesga, baith o which Cairde decidit tae drap. Syne then the organisation haes focused mair in its anti-racism campaign an its uther statit aims.