Bus (computin)

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4 PCI Express bus card slots (frae tap tae bottom: x4, x16, x1 an x16), compared tae a 32-bit conventional PCI bus card slot (very bottom)

In computer airchitectur, a bus (frae the Laitin omnibus, meanin 'for aw') is a communication seestem that transfers data atween components inside a computer, or atween computers. This expression covers aw relatit hairdware components (wire, optical feebre, etc.) an saftware, includin communication protocol.

Early computer buses wur parallel electrical wires wi multiple connections, but the term is nou uised for ony pheesical arrangement that provides the same logical functionality as a parallel electrical bus. Modren computer buses can uise baith parallel an bit serial connections, an can be wired in either a multidrop (electrical parallel) or daisy chain topology, or connectit bi switched hubs, as in the case o USB.