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Federal Defence Forces o Germany
Bundeswehr Kreuz Black.svg
Insignia of the Bundeswehr
Foondit November 12, 1955
Current furm October 2, 1990
Service branches

Emblem o German Ground Forces Grund Forces
Emblem o German Air Force Air Force
Emblem of German Navy Navy
Emblem o Streitkräftebasis Jynt Support Service

Emblem o Bundeswehr Jynt Medical Service Bundeswehr Jynt Medical Service
Heidquarters Bonn, Berlin an Potsdam
Commander-in-Chief Defence Meenister Ursula von der Leyen[1]
efter declaration o state o defence: Chancellor Angela Merkel[2]
Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen
Chief of staff General Volker Wieker (Heer)
Militar age 17
Conscription No (Suspended on 1 July 2011)
Available for
militar service
19,594,118 (2009 est.), age 17–49
Fit for
militar service
15,747,493 (2009 est.), age 17–49
Reachin militar
age annually
445,048 (2009 est.)
Active personnel 182,927 (2013)[3]
Reserve personnel 144,000 (2010)[4]
Budget € 33.26 billion[5] (FY13)
Percent o GDP 1.2% (FY11)
Domestic suppliers EADS
Heckler & Koch
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann
Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft
Walther airms
Foreign suppliers  European Union member nations;
 Unitit States
Annual imports Volume o aboot $1 bln (2009 est.)
Annual exports Volume o aboot $9 bln (2009 est.)

The Bundeswehr (German for "Federal Defence"; Aboot this soondlisten ) is the unified airmed forces o the Federal Republic o Germany an thair ceevil admeenistration an procurement authorities. The States o Germany are nae allaed tae maintain airmed forces o thair own, syne the German Constitution states that matters o defense faw intae the sole responsibility o the federal govrenment.[6]

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