Bundesautobahn 1

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Route information
Lenth730 km (450 mi)
Major junctions
North endHeiligenhafen
Sooth endSaarbrücken
StatesSchleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Niedersachsen, Bremen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland
Heichwey seestem
  • Roads in Germany

Bundesautobahn 1 (translates frae German as Federal Motorwey 1, short form Autobahn 1, abbreviatit as BAB 1 or A 1) is an autobahn in Germany. It runs frae Heiligenhafen tae Saarbrücken, a distance o 730 km (450 mi), but is incomplete atween Cologne an Trier. B 207 continues north frae Heiligenhafen tae Puttgarden, at the end o the island o Fehmarn, wi a ferry tae Rødby, Denmark.

The BAB-1 at Wuppertal

The pairt north o Hamburg is pairt o the Vogelfluglinie (Flyin bird line) an mey be connectit via a bridge tae Denmark an Copenhagen (see below). The term Hansalinie (Hansa line) refers tae the pairt frae Lübeck (north o Hamburg, thus owerlappin the Vogelfluglinie) sooth tae the Ruhr Area (near Dortmund). The Autobahn haes either twa or three lanes each wye. Congestion is possible aroond Hamburg, durin holiday periods atween Hamburg an Münster, atween Dortmund an Cologne acause o roadwirks an especially aroond Cologne. Durin the rush oor the Cologne Beltway (exits 98 - 104) is very busy (AADT 100,000-120,000). It is three lanes each wye. The speed leemit on the Cologne Beltway is mostly 100 km/h. Northbound atween exits 103 an 102 as well as atween 101 an 100 the speed leemit haes recently been raised tae 120 km/h.

Sooth o the Cologne Beltway the A1 haes twa lanes each wye atween exits 104 an 107. Thare is a speed leemit o 120 km/h northboond atween exits 105 an 104, itherwise this section haes na speed leemit. Atween exit 107 an 109 the A1 an A61 run concurrently. The motorway haes three lanes each wye an a variable speed leemit here.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The A 1 an A 2 wur first planned in the 1920s. The interchynge atween the twa (Kamener Kreuz) wis ane o the first cloverleaf interchynges in Germany, opened in 1937. A 1 aroond the soothren side o Hamburg wis opened in 1962, includin a bridge athort the Elbe. This bypass connectit the existin Autobahn segments on baith sides o the ceety.

Plans[eedit | eedit soorce]

Northren extension an the Fehmarnbelt airt[eedit | eedit soorce]

The A 1 is still bein extendit north, wi an extension tae Heiligenhafen-North planned for openin in 2011. A treaty haes been entered atween Germany an Denmark for the construction o a fixed airt athort the Fehmarnbelt tae Denmark, tae be finished in 2018. As pairt o the treaty, Germany will also extend the A 1 tae Puttgarden, wi the exception o the Fehmarn Soond Bridge atween the mainland an Fehmarn island, which will remain in its current state.

Eifel gap[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Vulkaneifel interchynge wi the A 48, just sooth o the 36 km lang gap in the A 1 sooth o Cologne, wis built in the 1970s. This interchynge wis finally utilized in the present century, though only for local traffic as the A1 is bein extended past Kelberg. Plans hae been made tae complete the remainin 21 km ower the Land borders atween North Rhine-Westphalia an Rhineland-Palatinate, This will tak till 2018 afore it is ready. Till then, through traffic atween the twa sections uises the A 48 an the A 61 an various regional roads.

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