Bulimia nervosa

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Bulimia nervosa
Clessification an freemit resoorces
ICD-10 F50.2
ICD-9-CM 307.51
DiseasesDB 1770
MedlinePlus 000341
eMedicine emerg/810 med/255
MeSH D052018

Bulimia nervosa is an eatin disorder characterized bi binge eatin an purgin, or consuming a lairge amoont o fuid in a short amoont o time follaed bi an attempt tae rid anesel o the fuid consumed (purgin), teepically bi vomitin, takin a laxative, diuretic, or stimulant, an/or excessive exercise, acause o an extensive concern for body wicht.[1]

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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