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Respiratory system complete en.svg
Conducting passages.
Front view o cartilages o larynx, trachea an bronchi.
System Respiratory seestem
Artery Bronchial artery
Vein Bronchial vein
Nerve Pulmonary branches o vagus nerve
Laitin Bronchus
MeSH A04.411.125
TA A06.4.01.001
FMA 7409
Anatomical terminology

A wricht main bronchus, an aa kent as a main or primar bronchus, is an airwey in the respiratory tract that conducts air intae the buffs. Thare is a richt bronchus an a left bronchus an these bronchi branch intae smawer seicontar an tertiary bronchi which branch intae smawer tubes, kent as bronchioles.[1] Na gas exchynge taks place in the bronchi.

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