Brodick Castle

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Brodick Castle
Outside Brodick, Arran, Scotland
Brodick Castle Main Building East 01.jpg
Brodick Castle
Brodick Castle is locatit in North Ayrshire
Brodick Castle
Brodick Castle
Coordinates55°35′38″N 5°09′04″W / 55.5940°N 5.1511°W / 55.5940; -5.1511
TeepTouer hoose
Site information
OwnerNaitional Trust for Scotland
Controlled biDukes o Hamilton
Open tae
the public
Site history
Biggit1510 (steid syne c.400)
Biggit biYerl o Arran
In useUntil 1958

Brodick Castle is a castle situatit ootside the port o Brodick on the Isle o Arran, an island in the Firth o Clyde, Scotland.