British Home Stores

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BHS Ltd.
Industrie Retail
Fate Admeenistration
Foondit Brixton, Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick (1928)
Defunct Julie 2016
Heidquarters Marylebone Road, Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Nummer o locations
163 (Unitit Kinrick)
Key fowk
Philip Duffy & Benjamin Wiles
(Joint Administrators)
Duff & Phelps
Darren Topp
(Managing Director)
Products Cleidin, Hameware, Electronics, Furnitur, Entertainment, Groceries, Beauty & Fragrance an Restaurant
Awner Retail Acquisitions Ltd.
(In administration, controlled by Duff & Phelps)
Nummer o employees
8,000 (2016) [1]

British Home Stores (BHS) is a Breetish depairtment store chain wi branches mainly locatit in heich street locations or shappin centres, primarily sellin cleidin an hoosehauld items.

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