Brera (destrict o Milan)

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Quartiere o Milan
Via Madonnina, ane o the main streets o Brera
Via Madonnina, ane o the main streets o Brera
Kintra Italy
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Brera is a destrict ("quartiere") o Milan, Italy. It is locatit athin the Zone 1 (the historical core o the ceety) an it is centred on Brera street. The name stems frae Medieval Italian "braida" or "brera", derivit frae Auld Lombardic "brayda" (aften Laitinisit as "praedium"), meanin a laund expanse aither cleared o trees or naturally lackin thaim. This is acause aroond the year 900, the Brera destrict wis situatit richt ootside o Milan's ceety waws an wis kept clear for militar raisons. The ruit o the wird is the same as that o the Dutch ceety o Breda's name an the Inglis wird "broad".

Brera hooses the Brera Academy an the Brera Airt Gallery, which prominently contributit tae the development o Brera as a airtists' neebourheid an a place o bohemian atmosphere, whiles referred tae as "the milanese Montmartre".[1] Awtho Brera is quite mair sophisticatit than Montmartre, haein lots o luxury apairtments. Baith the Academy an the Gallery are locatit in Palazzo Brera, the main historical biggin o the aurie; this same biggin hooses Milan's botanical gairden an aw as well as a astronomical observatory. Ither featurs that contribute tae the character o Brera include sophisticatit an romantic restaurants an bars (Brera is ane o the maist popular Milanese neebourheids for wha concerns nicht life), antique an airt shops, colorful street mercats, as well as fortune tellers' booths.

Frae 1998 tae 2002 novelist Paolo Brera, alang wi Franco Brera an Francesca Brera, editit an published the magazine Brera,[2] devotit tae the Brera destrict.[3] A few well-kent jurnalists, airt creetics an feection writers contributit tae the magazine, sic as Rossana Bossaglia, Giuseppe Pontiggia, Guido Vergani, Vittoria Colpi, Carlo Castellaneta, Giulio Signori.

Footnotes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Fiori Chiari (one of the best known streets in Brera)
  2. Lina Sotis, Corriere della Sera, 6 November 1998.

Coordinates: 45°28′17″N 9°11′06″E / 45.47139°N 9.18500°E / 45.47139; 9.18500