2010 Brazilian presidential election

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Brazilian presidential election, 2010

← 2006 October 3 (first roond)
October 31 (seicont roond)
2014 →
  Dilma cropped.png Jose Serra cropped.png
Nominee Dilma Rousseff José Serra
Pairty PT PSDB
Hame state Minas Gerais São Paulo
Runnin mate Michel Temer Indio da Costa
States carried 15 + DF 11
Popular vote 55,752,483 43,711,162
Percentage 56.05% 43.95%

2010 Brazilian presidential election map (Round 2).svg
Presidential election results cairt efter the seicont roond o votin: Reid denotes states wan bi Dilma, an Blue denotes those wan bi Serra.

Preses afore election

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Electit Preses

Dilma Rousseff

The Brazilian presidential election wis held in 2010 wi twa roonds o ballotin. The first roond wis held on October 3 alang wi ither elections as pairt o the 2010 general election. As na presidential candidate polled 50 percent o the vote on October 3, a runaff wis held on October 31 atween Dilma Rousseff[1] an José Serra:[2] Rousseff wan wi 56% o the seicont roond vote.[3]

The election determined the successor tae Preses Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, o the Wirkers' Pairty.[4] Accordin tae the Constitution, the preses is electit directly for a fower-year term, wi a leemit o twa consecutive terms. Lula wis thus nae eligible tae staund again as he has already served twa terms efter winnin the elections in 2002 an bein re-electit in 2006.[5] This wis the first time syne the inaugural presidential election efter the militar dictatorship that he did nae run for Preses.[6]

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