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Diedafter 665
ResidenceBhinmal, present day Rajasthan, Indie[1] and Ujjain, present day Madhya Pradesh, India
Kent forZero, modren nummer seestem
Scientific career
FieldsMathematics, astronomy

Brahmagupta (Sanskrit: ब्रह्मगुप्त; Aboot this soondlisten ) (born c. 598, died efter 665) wis an Indian mathematician an astronomer.

He is the author o twa early wirks on mathematics an astronomy: the Brāhmasphuṭasiddhānta (BSS, "correctly established doctrine o Brahma", datit 628), a theoretical treatise, an the Khaṇḍakhādyaka ("eedible bite", datit 665), a mair practical text. Accordin tae his commentators, Brahmagupta wis a native o Bhinmal.

Brahmagupta wis the first tae gie rules tae compute wi zero. The texts componed bi Brahmagupta war componed in elliptic verse in Sanskrit, as wis common practice in Indian mathematics. As na pruifs are gien, it isna kent hou Brahmagupta's results war derived.[2]

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