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Composite body, paintit, an glazed bottle. Datit 16t century. Frae Iran. New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A bottle is a rigid container wi a neck that is narrower than the body an a "mooth". By contrast, a jar or jug haes a relatively lairge mooth or openin which mey be as wide as the oweraw container. Bottles are eften made o glass, clay, plastic, aluminium or ither impervious materials, an typically uised tae store liquids such as watter, milk, saft drinks, beer, wine, cuiking ile, medicine, shampoo, ink, an chemicals. A device applied in the bottlin line tae seal the mooth o a bottle is termed an freemit bottle cap, closure, or internal stopper. A bottle can an aa be sealed bi a conductive "innerseal" bi uisin induction sealing.

The bottle haes developed ower millennia o uise, wi some o the earliest examples appearin in Cheenae, Phoenicie, Roum an Crete. Bottles are eften recycled accordin tae the SPI recyclin code for the material. Some regions hae a legally mandatit deposit which is refundit efter returnin the bottle tae the retailer.