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Nobel prize medal.svg Boris Pasternak
Born Boris Leonidovich Pasternak
10 February [A.S. 29 January] 1890
Moscow, Roushie Empire
Dee'd 30 Mey 1960(1960-05-30) (aged 70)
Peredelkino, USSR
Thrift Poet, writer
Naitionality Roushie
Ethnicity Jewish
Notable warks Ma Sister, Life, The Seicont Birth, Doctor Zhivago
Notable awairds Nobel Prize in Leeteratur

Boris Leonidovich Pasternak (Roushie: Бори́с Леони́дович Пастерна́к[1]) (10 February [A.S. 29 January] 1890 – 30 Mey 1960) wis a Roushie poet, novelist, an leeterary translator. In his native Roushie, Pasternak's first beuk o poems, My Sister, Life (1917), is ane o the maist influential collections iver published in the Roushie leid. Pasternak's translations o stage plays bi Goethe, Schiller, Calderón de la Barca an Shakespeare remeen verra popular wi Roushie audiences.

As a novelist, Pasternak is an aw kent as the author o Doctor Zhivago (1957), a novelle that taks place atween the Rouwhie Revolution o 1905 an the Seicont World War. Doctor Zhivago wis rejectit for publication in the USSR.[2] Pasternak wis awairdit the Nobel Prize for Leeteratur in 1958, an event that enraged the Communist Pairty o the Soviet Union, that forced him tae decline the prize, tho his descendants war later tae accept it in his name in 1988. Doctor Zhivago haes been pairt o the main Roushie schuil curriculum syne 2003.[3]

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