Boris Pasternak

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Nobel prize medal.svg Boris Pasternak
BornBoris Leonidovich Pasternak
10 February [A.S. 29 January] 1890
Moscow, Roushie Empire
Dee'd30 Mey 1960(1960-05-30) (aged 70)
Peredelkino, USSR
ThriftPoet, writer
Notable warksMa Sister, Life, The Seicont Birth, Doctor Zhivago
Notable awairdsNobel Prize in Leeteratur

Boris Leonidovich Pasternak (Roushie: Бори́с Леони́дович Пастерна́к[1]) (10 February [A.S. 29 January] 1890 – 30 Mey 1960) wis a Roushie poet, novelist, an leeterary translator. In his native Roushie, Pasternak's first beuk o poems, My Sister, Life (1917), is ane o the maist influential collections iver published in the Roushie leid. Pasternak's translations o stage plays bi Goethe, Schiller, Calderón de la Barca an Shakespeare remeen verra popular wi Roushie audiences.

As a novelist, Pasternak is an aw kent as the author o Doctor Zhivago (1957), a novelle that taks place atween the Rouwhie Revolution o 1905 an the Seicont World War. Doctor Zhivago wis rejectit for publication in the USSR.[2] Pasternak wis awairdit the Nobel Prize for Leeteratur in 1958, an event that enraged the Communist Pairty o the Soviet Union, that forced him tae decline the prize, tho his descendants war later tae accept it in his name in 1988. Doctor Zhivago haes been pairt o the main Roushie schuil curriculum syne 2003.[3]

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