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Province o Bohol
Bohol Capitol Building Tagbilaran.JPG
Banner o Bohol
Anthem: Awit sa Bohol Bohol Hymn[1]
Location in the Philippines
Location in the Philippines
Coordinates: 9°54′N 124°12′E / 9.9°N 124.2°E / 9.9; 124.2Coordinates: 9°54′N 124°12′E / 9.9°N 124.2°E / 9.9; 124.2
Kintra Philippines
Region Central Visayas (Region VII)
25 Mairch 1565
22 Julie 1854
Provincial Caipital Tagbilaran[*]
 • Governor of Bohol[*] Edgar Chatto (PDP-LABAN)
 • Vice Governor of Bohol Dionisio Balite
 • Cooncil
 • Total 4,820.95 km2 (1,861.38 sq mi)
Elevation (Moont Mayana) 870 m (2,850 ft)
Population (2015 census)[4]
 • Tot 1,313,560
 • Density 270/km2 (710/sq mi)
 • Voter(2016)[5] 798,768
 • Leid Eskayan
Demonym(s) Boholano
 • Independent ceeties 0
 • Component ceeties
 • Municipalities
 • Destricts
Time zone PST (UTC+08:00)
ZIP code 6300–6346
IDD:aurie code +63 (0)38
ISO 3166 code PH
Income cless 1st class
PSGC 071200000
Climate teep Tropical monsoon climate

Bohol is a 1st provincial income class o the Philippines locatit in the Central Visayas region, consistin o the island itsel an 75 minor surroondin islands.[6] Its caipital is Tagbilaran.

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