Bob the Builder

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Bob the Builder
File:Bob the Builder logo.svg
Logo for the oreeginal series.
Genre Childer's animation
Creautit bi Keith Chapman
Directit bi Steven Feldman, Fred Holmes, Brian Mack, Liz Whitaker (Ep 1)
Sarah Ball
Brian Little
Vyces o Neil Morrissey
Rob Rackstraw
Kate Harbour
Rupert Degas
Colin McFarlane
Maria Darling
Emma Tate
Stephen White
June Whitfield
Wayne Forester[1]
Greg Proops
Lee Ingleby
Joanne Froggatt
Blake Harrison
Steven Kynman
Theme muisic componer Paul K. Joyce
Kintra o oreegin Unitit Kinrick
Oreeginal leid(s) Inglis
No. o series 17
No. o episodes 238 (leet o episodes)
Executive producer(s) Kate Fawkes
Theresa Plummer-Andrews
Peter Curtis
Producer(s) Jackie Cockle
Eeditor(s) Alex McNeel
Camera setup Single camera (1998), Multi-camera (2004–2011)
Production company(s) Hot Animation
HIT Entertainment
BBC Television
Distributor BBC
Oreeginal network BBC
Pictur format 4:3 (series 1)
16:9 (series 2–present)
Oreeginal release 28 November 1998 (1998-11-28) – 8 October 2011 (2011-10-08)
Freemit airtins

Bob the Builder is a Breetish childer's animatit televeesion shaw creatit bi Keith Chapman. In the oreeginal series, Bob appears in a stop motion animatit programme as a building contractor, specialising in masonry, along wi his colleague Wendy, various neighbours an friends, an thair gang o anthropomorphised work-vehicles an equipment. The shaw is broadcast in mony kintras, but originates frae the Unitit Kinrick where Bob is voiced bi English actor Neil Morrissey. The shaw wis later creatit using CGI animation starting wi the spin-off series Ready, Steady, Build!.

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