Bob Burnquist

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Bob Burnquist
Bob Burnquist.jpg
Burnquist skeitchin in Brazil, 2008
Born Robert Dean Silva Burnquist
10 October 1976 (1976-10-10) (age 39)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Naitionality Brazilian
Citizenship United States and Brazil
Thrift Skeitchbuirder
Co-awner o Burnquist Organics
Years active 1992–present
Hicht 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Hauf-marrae(s) Verônica Nachard
Childer 2, Lotus O'Brien Silva Burnquist, Jasmyn
Summer X Games medal record
Competitor for  Brazil
Gowd 2000 San Francisco Vert Best Trick
Gowd 2001 Philadelphia Vert
Gowd 2003 Los Angeles Vert Doubles
Gowd 2005 Los Angeles Vert Best Trick
Gowd 2007 Los Angeles Skeitchbuird Big Air
Gowd 2008 Los Angeles Skeitchbuird Big Air
Gowd 2010 Los Angeles Skeitchbuird Big Air Rail Jam
Gowd 2011 Los Angeles Skeitchbuird Big Air
Siller 2002 Philadelphia Vert
Siller 2002 Philadelphia Vert Doubles
Siller 2006 Los Angeles Vert
Siller 2009 Los Angeles Skeitchbuird Big Air
Siller 2009 Los Angeles Skeitchbuird Big Air Rail Jam
Siller 2010 Los Angeles Skeitchbuird Big Air
Bronze 1997 San Diego Vert
Bronze 1998 San Diego Vert Doubles
Bronze 1999 San Francisco Vert Best Trick
Bronze 2001 Philadelphia Vert Best Trick
Bronze 2006 Los Angeles Vert Best Trick
Bronze 2010 Los Angeles Vert Best Trick

Robert Dean Silva Burnquist (born October 10, 1976), better kent as Bob Burnquist, is a Brazilian professional skeitchbuirder.[1][2][3] In 2010 he became the first skeitchbuirder tae land a fakie tae fakie 900. This maks Burnquist the 5t person in history tae hae iver landit the 900 an aw.

Backgrund[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bob Burnquist wis born in Rio de Janeiro tae an Swadish-American faither an a Brazilian mither.[3] He became adept at skeitchbuirdin in São Paulo. As an adult he emigratit tae North Americae; he haulds dual citizenship in Brazil an the U.S.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Burnquist's biggest success tae date came at the vert contest at the 2001 X-Games. Afore his feenal run (the last run o the event) he wis sittin in seicont place ahint twa-time defendin champion Bucky Lasek. Burnquist produced a flawless run, includin multiple tricks that haed niver been seen afore an, as a result, wur unnamit. Durin the run, commentator Tony Hawk went hoarse an nearly lost his voice while screamin in disbelief. Burnquist wis rewardit wi a 98, the seicont heichest score iver given in any X-Games skatebuirdin event, ahint anerlie Bucky Lasek's score o a 98.50 the year afore.[4]

Burnquist's specialties are in switch stance skatebuirdin an creatin innovative vert tricks. He haes aaways treed tae fynd new weys tae mak his tricks mair creative an mair difficult. He haes a signature trick cried "one-footed smith grind". Burnquist haes an aw been featured in the hit video gemme Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, an appeared in aw o its sequels with the exception o Pro Skater 3, due tae license restrictions as a result o his appearin in anither skatin game, X-Games Skateboarding, durin that year. He returned as a featured character in the series stairtin again wi Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 an haes syne appeared in aw the series' gemmes follaein that.

In 2004, Burnquist made a guest appearance as hissel on the popular TV series, Kim Possible an an aw wan a gowd medal in the 2005 X-Games Best Trick vert contest.

Burnquist is the anerlie skater tae go ower a loop ramp with a gap in it (OP King Of Skate). No anerlie wis the loop gapped, but Burnquist an aw did the gap switch. He is an aw the first skater tae go through a loop while ridin switch stance, an the first tae go aw the way aroond a full pipe just bi pumpin up tae speed inside it. In 2000, Burnquist wan the X-Games' best trick contest, wi his famous fakie 5-0 with a fakie Kickflip aff o the grind bar. He creatit a trick called "Burntwist", which is in the Tony Hawk's series.

Burnquist completit a BASE jump efter attemptin a 50-50 intae the Grand Canyon. The first attempt nearly cost Burnquist his life efter he missed the rail an fell oot o control afore regaining hissel an successfully deployin his parachute. Efter some adjustments tae the tak-aff ramp his seicont attempt went aff flawlessly. This stunt wis shown in an episode o the televeesion show Stunt Junkies.

He umwhile livit wi professional skatebuirder Jen O'Brien, an their dochter Lotus. He nou lives wi Veronica Nachard an their dochter Jasmyn (born 2007) in Vista, Californie, where he haes a warld-renouned vert ramp in his backyard.[5] This ramp haes been skatit bi dozens o famous skatebuirders, includin Colin McKay, Tony Hawk, Rune Glifberg Bucky Lasek, an Lincoln Ueda, an haes been featured in hunders o magazines an videos, includin Tony Hawk's Trick Tips an Thrasher Magazine.[6] Burnquist's latest addition tae his backyard skate-pairk is ane o the warld's few permanent Mega Ramps.[7]

He haed an aw stairtit the Bob Burnquist Foundation tae bring knowledge aboot organic fermin an gardenin tae schuils, an wis ane o the foonders o the Action Sports Environmental Coalition, a nonprofit organization that brings ecological awareness tae skatebuirders, surfers an BMXers.[8]

Videography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Burnquist haes been featured in mony videos includin:

  • Es Menikamati
  • Anti Hero's Self Entitled Video "Anti Hero"
  • Anti Hero's First Video "F***tards"
  • The Firm's "Can't Stop"
  • Flip's "Extremely Sorry"
  • Viva La Bam

Burnquist wis featured in a commercial for Aero choclate bars.

Contest history[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1st in 2011 X Games Big Air
  • 1st in 2010 X Games Big Air Rail Jam
  • 3rd in 2010 X Games Vert Best Trick
  • 2nd in 2010 X Games Big Air
  • 2nd in 2009 X Games Big Air
  • 3rd in 2009 Maloof Money Cup
  • 2nt in 2009 X Games Big Air Rail Jam
  • 1st in 2008 X Games Big Air
  • 1st in 2007 X Games Big Air
  • 3rd in 2006 X Games Big Air
  • 1st in 2006 The Coolio Games
  • 1st in 2005 X Games Vert Best Trick
  • 1st in 2003 X Games vert doubles (wi Bucky Lasek)
  • 2nt in 2002 X Games vert doubles (wi Bucky Lasek)
  • 1st in 2001 X Games vert
  • 1st in 2001 Slam City Jam vert.
  • 1st in 2000 X Games Vert Best Trick
  • 1st in 2000 Slam City Jam vert.
  • 1st in 1995 Slam City Jam vert.
  • 4t in 1996 Gravity Games Jam vert.

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