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Blender (saftware)
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Blender 2.78
Blender 2.78
Developer(s) Blender Foundation
Ineetial release Januar 1995; 24 years ago (1995-01)
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Written in C, C++, an Python
Operatin seestem Windows, macOS, Linux
Size 71.7 – 144.1 MiB (varies bi operatin seestem)[1]
Teep 3D computer graphics software
Licence GNU General Public License v2 or later[2]

Blender is a professional free an open-soorce 3D computer graphics saftware product uised for creatin animatit films, veesual effects, airt, 3D prentit models, interactive 3D applications an video gemmes. Blender's featurs include 3D modelin, UV unwrappin, texturin, raster graphics eeditin, riggin an skinnin, fluid an smuik simulation, pairticle simulation, saft bouk simulation, sculptin, animatin, match muivin, camera trackin, renderin, video eeditin an compositin. It further featurs an integratit gemme ingine.

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