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Birka Ansgar 2008.jpg
Ansgars Cross in Birka
Location Ekerö Municipality, Swaden
Foondit 8t century
Abandoned 10t century
Periods Viking Age
Offeecial name Birka an Hovgården
Teep Cultural
Criterie iii, iv
Designatit 1993 (17t session)
Reference no. 555
State Pairty Swaden
Region Europe an North Americae

Durin the Viking Age, Birka Aboot this soond listen  (Birca in medieval sources), on the island o Björkö (leeterally: "Birch Island") in Swaden, wis an important tradin center which handled guids frae Scandinavie as well as Central an Eastren Europe an the Orient.