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Biratnagar (बिराटनगर) is a metropolitan ceety in sooth east Nepal which is named efter the historical Keeng Birat an is considered the seicont lairgest ceety efter Kathmandu. In Nepali "Birat" means big an "Nagar" means a place or a ceety. Biratnagar haes gien mony influential leaders in Nepalese politics includin Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala, Girija Prasad Koirala, Manmohan Adhikari an Kirtinidhi Bista. Biratnagar is an industrial power hoose o Nepal wi maist o the kintra's industries locatit in an aroond its suburbs. It is in Koshi Zone - ane o the fowerteen administrative zones o Nepal an is an' a' the destrict caipital o Morang destrict. Its geographical location is 26°28'60"N 87°16'60"E.[1]

Syne it is situatit in the Terai- north-maist section o the Gangetic plains o Sooth Asie, the lands are vera fertile an hence Biratnagar haes tradeetionally been an agricultural hub an is hame tae mony agricultur based industries o the kintra. It is locatit near the mairch o Indie an is therefore a major centre for tred an commerce wi Indie. Biratnagar is linked wi Kathmandu bi roadways an airways. Biratnagar Airport is the regional hub for vital air services servin the Eastren pairt o the kintra.

Brt sunrise


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The wather in Biratnagar is maistly het. Biratnagar experiences 6 seasons,

Saison Span (Nepali calendar) Span (Georgian calendar) Characteristics
Basanta (Ware) Chaitra- Baisakh Mairch- Apryle Aroond 25-30 degrees Celsius, Very dry an windy
Grishma (SImmer) Jestha- Ashad Mey- Juin Very het, Up tae 40 degrees Celsius.
Barsha (Monsoon) Shrawan- Bhadra Julie-August Het, very humid an hivy monsoon rains, Krishna Janma Asthami (Birth o Lord Krishna) celebrations
Sharad (Hairst) Ashwin-Kartik September-October Cauld temperature, festival saison.
Hemanta (Pre winter) Mangshir-Poush November - December Cauld climate an foggy(20-10 degrees Celsius), farmers hairst the rice
Sishir (Winter) Magh-Falgun Januar Februar Cauld climatic condeetion an foggy wather


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Accordin tae 2009 census, the tot population o the ceety o Biratnagar wis 696,636. Biratnagar's demography chiefly consists o ethnic groups lik Pahadis, Madhesis, Marwaris, Tharus an it consists a significantly lairge Muslim population in Nepal. Bi percentage o population maist fowk follae Hinduism follaed bi Islam, Buddhism, Jainism an Christianity.


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The major mode o transport tae the ceety is road transport. It is well connectit tae ither pairts o the kintra throu buses. Biratnagar is an aa well connectit tae Kathmandu an some hilly places bi air transport. Biratnagar airport is ane o the busiest airports in Nepal wi maist flichts tae Kathmandu.

It is an aa easy tae traivel tae an frae Indie bi trains frae the borderin Indian ceety o Jogbani. Thare are direct trains tae the ceety o Kolkata an the Indian caipital New Delhi frae Jogbani. In 2008, a survey for a railwey extension frae Indie wis done.[2] It wis completit in 2009.

The best wey o gettin aroond the ceety is bi uisin cycle rickshaws. Thare are an aa auto rickshaws runnin short distances but thay daena operate in the main mercat aurie. Actually ane can easily get aroond the ceety on fuit.


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Biratnagar is no a teepical tourist ceety but is a great hub tae explore the interestin places in eastren Nepal. Housomeivver, thare are mony things tae dae in the ceety. You can stroll alang the unique mercat which is alang a straucht road an branches oot an savor the street fuid. You can try your luck at the newly opened casino at Hotel Ratna, <http://www.hotelratna.com/ Archived 2010-12-17 at the Wayback Machine> or heid tae the smaa but bonnie Complex, wi soummin puil an a gairden (cairt, <http://wikimapia.org/722963/The-Complex-Lover-039-s-Paradise-By-Pankaj>).

For the fuid lovers, daena miss the tasty barbecues (cawed "sekuwa" in Nepali) an ither local delicacies or satisfee your sweet tuith wi tasty sweets in ane o mony sweet shops in the main mercat.

As a hub for your traivel plans in Eastren Nepal, Biratnagar is ideal. The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, is a mere 90 minute drive frae the ceety an is famous for its wildlife, especially for bird-watchin enthusiasts. It is an aa hame tae the endangered wild buffaloes cawed "Arna" in Nepali.

The lairgest rhododendron forests o Tinjure, Milke an Jaljale can be reakit in aboot 3-4 oors. Scenic treks wi views o Mt. Makalu an Kanchenjunga can be stairtit frae the sma touns o Basantapur or Tumlingtar.

The bonnie tea gardens o Ilam is juist 4 oors drive away. Anither place o interest is the hilly destrict o Dhankuta wi its orange orchards.

Releegious Fare

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Biratnagar is equally famous for its hie-spiritit festival celebration. In Dashain, Nepal's biggest festival, lairge nummer o fowk includin youths veesit the Kali Mandir, a temple which lies in the hert o the toun. An aa famous is Tihar in Biratnagar, festival o lichts, when the residents line thair homes wi diyo (an earthen ile lamp), candles an decorative electrical lamps durin the twa days o celebration. Krishna Astami (Birthday o Krishna) is a festival which is hivily celebratit in Biratnagar. Thoosans o fowk gather on that day tae pull the Holy Caurt (Rath) which goes aroond the ceety. This event is termed as the Rath Yatra (the Cart Journey). Traffeck will be hault for ane or twa oors on that day. It is believed that the Holy Caurt (Rath) wis driven bi Lord Krishna. The Caurt (Rath) is vera big an hivy, sae it needs hunders o fowk tae muive. It haes generator tae run if required tae muive fast. It haes brakes tae stap as it haes tae stap at mony places tae allou fowk tae worship the Lord. Some fowk will be in the Caurt (Rath) tae distribute prasad (fruits) tae the fowk. The Holy Caurt will be follaed bi mony smawer caurts which are pulled bi oxen.


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Biratnagar, bein the hame an a poleetical turf tae Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala, the first democratically electit Prime Meenister o Nepal, haes always been a fertile bed for emergin as well as establisht politeecians. Leaders lik Man Mohan Adhikari, Sailaja Acharya, Bharatmohan Adhikari an Mahesh Acharya aw herald frae this ceety. The man who haes been electit prime meenister the maist nummer o times in Nepal, an in the warld, Girija Prasad Koirala an aa hails frae Biratnagar. He wis Prime Meenister o Nepal fower times, servin frae 1991 tae 1994, 1998 tae 1999, 2000 tae 2001, an frae 2006 tae 2008; he wis an aa Actin Heid o State frae Januar 2007 tae Julie 2008. Biratnagar is the poleetically maist active ceety in the modren history o Nepal. The first an the historical plane hijack which wis tae fund the poleetical revolution an aa teuk place at the Biratnagar Airport. The hijack plan masterminded bi Girija Prasad Koirala wis executit bi Durga Subedi, Nagendra Dhungel an *"Basant Bhattarai". *"Operation Ganesh out, place hijack plan in" Archived 2015-09-29 at the Wayback Machine Biratnagar an aa haed a keeng in the past whose name wis Birat. Thare is a historical place near tae the mairch o Indie whaur the remains o the palace o Birat keeng is locatit. That place lacks the pertection as it is in remote aurie an lacks proper transportation.


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Biratnagar is the centre o eddication in the eastren Development Region o Nepal. Fowk in Biratnagar gie mair importance tae eddication follaed bi business, industry an politics awtho Biratnagar wis poleetically vera active in the past. The teaching medium o eddication is Inglis in aw the private schuils, colleges an varsities whauras Nepali medium in govrenment schuils up tae seicontary level.

Varsities an Colleges:
Purbanchal University http://www.purbuniv.edu.np Archived 2019-07-16 at the Wayback Machine
Mahendra Morang Multiple Campus, affiliated tae the Tribhuvan University
Tribhuvan University Post Graduate College http://www.tribhuvan-university.edu.np

Medical Colleges:
Nepal Homeopathic Medical College (Affiliated tae Purbanchal University) Nobel Medical College (Affiliated tae Kathmandu University) http://www.nobelmedicalcollege.com/

Ingineerin Colleges:
Eastern College o Ingineerin College o Software Ingineerin

Heicher Seicontary Schools an Colleges:
Arniko Heicher Seicontary School
Bal Kalyan Vidya Mandir Heicher Seicontary School
Bhanu Memorial Inglis Boardin School
Birat Science Campus
Birat College o Management
College o Business an Social Studies
Ceety College Deokota Memorial Heicher Seicontary School
Koshi College
Kritika Eddication an Health Foundation
Lord Buddha College
Manokamana Heicher Seicontary School
Mahendra Seicontary Hie School
Merryland Heicher Seicontar School
Model College
Naitional Academy o Science an Commerce
Orchid College
Shree Gograha Heicher Seicontary School
Sikshayadip College
Sooth Asian School o Tourism an Hotel Management
St. Joseph's Heicher Seicontary School

Seicontary Schools:
Aadarsha Vidya Mandir
Arniko Boardin School
Balmiki Seicontary Inglis Medium School
Birat Co-operative Inglis School
Budhanilkantha Inglis Boardin School
DAV School
Deokota Memorial School
Don Bosco School(nilgiri)
DPS Biratnagar
Eden Naitional Seicontary Boardin School
Everest Inglis Boradin School
Koshi Vidya Mandir
Shree Sagarmatha Seicontary Boardin School<br-15> Shree Saraswati Madhyamik Vidyalya
Siddhartha Sishu Sadan
St. Joseph's Boardin School

Economy, Trade an Commerce

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The main economy o Biratnagar comes frae business an industry. Biratnagar exports instant noodles, biscuits an garments tae Indie an some ither ceeties o Nepal. It an aa export some garments tae Unitit States an some Europen kintras. Biratnagar imports machinery, vehicles, computers, iron, steel, etc frae Indie an imports claes, slippers, shoes, etc frae Cheenae. Biratnagr Succar Mill an Biratnagar Jute Mill are the biggest industries o Biratnagar.

Recreation an Entertainment

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Fowk o Biratnagar uisually recreate durin Hindu festivals. Durin festivals thay play cards, kouda (Juwa; a local Nepali gemme), dice (a local gemme), carroms (a local gemme), etc. Man uisually gae oot tae drink wi friends. The common drinks are Carlsberg, Tuborg, etc in beer, an Vodka, Jack Daniels, etc in liquor. But, local alcohol cawed "raksi" prepared locally bi local fowk is vera cheap an common amang the fowk aroond the ceety. Young boys entertain in dance pairties organized in clubs, bars or hotels durin festivals awtho no proper discos an KTVs are in the ceety. Some schuil kids enjoy watchin TV an listenin tae local FM at hame.

Releegion an Cultur

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The major releegions o the ceety are Hinduism, Islam (Muslim), Om Santi , Sai Baba, Christianity an Buddhism. The main cultur deeply ruitit in the ceety comes frae Hinduism. Thay hae 4 castes an 36 sub-castes seestem wi upper, medium, lawer an lawest caste/cless fowk. Untouchability still exists in huge population. Thare are several temples o Hindu, the famous is "kali Mandir"; several meetin places o Om Santi, ane temple o Sai Baba an unclear meetin place o Christians an Buddhists.

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Internaitional relations

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Twin Touns - Sister eeties

Biratnagar is twinned wi:


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Coordinates: 26°29′00″N 87°17′00″E / 26.4833°N 87.2833°E / 26.4833; 87.2833